The Sith have returned.

Welcome, Star Wars enthusiasts, Sith devotees, and curious Padawans! You have entered the Sith Dominion, your number one source for Sith lore, Star Wars news, and enlightening discussions on the Dark Side of the Force.
“The Sith Dominion: Dark Side News,” dives into the darkest corners of a galaxy far, far away, shedding light on the complex narratives and powerful characters that shape Star Wars’ Sith mythology. Each week, Dr. Dana Martin, a leadership expert, author, and Sith enthusiast, navigates through fascinating Sith stories, bringing you in-depth analyses and the latest updates from the Star Wars universe.

Dr. Dana Martin

Dr. Dana Martin is a consummate professional, balancing an extensive business background with a lifelong love for the world of Star Wars and science fiction. With more than two decades of experience in business and people management, Dana’s acumen as a Leadership Coach is as sharp as a Sith’s lightsaber. Armed with an MBA and an EdD in Organizational Leadership, his academic and practical prowess shape his unique approach to leadership. A passionate Star Wars enthusiast, Dana hosts “The Sith Dominion: Dark Side News,” a weekly podcast delving deep into Sith lore and Star Wars news from a Dark Side perspective. His dynamic presentation style blends persuasive, inspirational, professional, and witty elements, providing listeners with an engaging and informative journey through the Dark Side of the Force. Despite his varied roles and responsibilities, Dana always finds the time to cherish his roles as a husband, father, and grandfather. This balance allows him to continue inspiring, leading, and connecting with people worldwide in every aspect of his life.

Where can I find this podcast?

You can find Dana on The Sith Dominion Podcast, streaming on Geek News Now Official and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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